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Hong Kong: Police double over in agony during shopping mall skirmish

3 24.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Lines of police officers
M/S Police officers with tear gas cannons
C/U Officer with cannon
M/S Officers guard alleyway
M/S Protesters back off as police advance
M/S Skirmish breaks out, petrol bomb on street
M/S Police choking
M/S Police vomiting
M/S Police choking
M/S Protesters removing grates
M/S Police fire rubber bullets and move towards shopping centre
Police officers choked and vomited following minor clashes with protesters in and around the Telford Garden complex in Kowloon Bay on Saturday.
Petrol bombs caused fires to break out on the street as riot police armed with tear gas cannons and rubber bullet rifles approached the private plaza to disperse a group of protesters there.
The ugly scenes mark the 12th straight week of protests in Hong Kong which were sparked by a now-suspended extradition bill.
In addition to the bill, demonstrators also demanded answers over plans to install 'smart lamposts', designed to measure weather and traffic, which they say are an affront to privacy.