Questions Surround Migrant Crisis for African and Asian Refugees

They may be separated by thousands of miles and vast expanses of sea but those people risking their lives in the Mediterranean and the Andaman Sea in southeast Asia seem to come from the same script.
The risk of clambering aboard a boat that may or may not be seaworthy is thought to be worth it, when weighed against the threats posed by conflict, persecution and poverty.
There can be no bigger judgment call. But under the gaze of an animated media following the deaths of hundreds and the stories of heroism that have emerged in the face of despair, Europe and Asia are at least belatedly holding emergency talks and pledging short-term solutions.
Whatever unified response is presented, there are still big questions to grapple with. Who's going to shelter and pay for those migrants taken in because they qualify for asylum, and how best to send back those who've traveled in search of jobs and do not qualify as refugees?