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Locals were forced to transfer the bodies of victims from Pakistan's deadly heatwave via auto-rickshaws and buses in Karachi, Monday, as hospitals struggled to deal with the mounting death toll, with state media reporting that over 591 have died in the region. One hospital put up a hand-written notice reading: "Sorry, no space for dead body." Bodies, wrapped in white sheets, were taken from Karachi's Edhi Morgue to their families and loved ones as quickly as possible to make more room for mounting numbers of people killed by high temperatures. Some 500 bodies have been transferred from the site, according to reports from the Edhi Foundation, an NGO focussing on emergency services, but they have reported a further 250 bodies remain in the building. The government has reported that over 591 people have died, with numbers rising, in Karachi and other parts of the Sindh province as a result of the heatwave which has seen temperatures rise as high as 45 Celsius (113 Fahrenheit). Relief is expected for Karachi with the impending arrival of monsoon rains, which are expected to bring some respite from the worst heatwave the city has seen for at least 10 years.


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