Rubio Preps for Presidential Announcement

Two years after a push for comprehensive immigration reform nearly sidetracked his political career, Marco Rubio is poised to announce his presidential campaign Monday at Miami’s iconic Freedom Tower, a venue rich in historic symbolism.
The building, known as the Ellis Island of the South, is closely associated with the American immigrant experience — the Cuban version that serves as a cornerstone of Rubio’s persona. As the son of Cuban immigrants — his mother was a maid, his father a bartender — Rubio casts his life story as a South Florida version of the American Dream, and he frequently refers to America as “the place that literally changed the history of my family.” Advisers to Rubio said the 43-year-old first-term senator would hit a more uplifting and unifying note in his announcement speech, an address designed to showcase what they see as his chief asset: an ability to connect with voters on a visceral level.