Vin Diesel Holds Back Tears During Fast and Furious 7 Screening, Says ''I Lost My Brother''

Vin Diesel was overwhelmed with emotion during a special Los Angeles screening of Fast and Furious 7 . Of the late Paul Walker, Diesel's friend and co-star, he said, "Every time when I saw the movie at the premieres, Paul Walker and I would go off to the side and he would always tell me, 'Vin, the best one is still in the can.' Well, I hope tonight you'd let Pablo know that this one is the best one for you guys. If you love the movie, and I hope you do and hope you will, feel free to talk about it." After a brief break to collect himself and thank fans, Diesel concluded his heartfelt introduction, "Thanks for being my family. Thanks for always taking care of us. Thanks for believing in us. You know what's most important in life. We made this movie from our hearts and know that this is our gift to you and more importantly, to my brother."