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Turkey: 'Breathe for the future' campaign plants 11 million trees

3 12.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Groups of volunteers preparing to plant trees, Turkey
W/S Groups of volunteers preparing to plant trees
W/S Children digging soil using mattocks
M/S Children playing with soil
M/S Man watering plants
C/U Plant
M/S Women and children planting trees
C/U Woman planting tree
M/S Woman planting tree
C/U Plant
C/U Plant
M/S Men cover plant root with soil
C/U Plant
W/S Schoolchildren digging soil using mattocks
M/S Children planting trees
W/S Children planting trees
M/S "Parsel 200" sign
W/S Groups of volunteers working
W/S Volunteers
W/S Volunteers
M/S Man digging soil
W/S Volunteers planting trees
W/S Volunteers planting trees
Some 11 million trees were planted simultaneously across Turkey on Monday as part of a campaign for a greener future. The planting ceremonies began at 11:11 AM (08:11 GMT) as President Erdogan announced he intended it to be a yearly tradition on National Forestation Day, in Ankara.
A reported 340,000 saplings were planted in Ankara and 212,000 in Istanbul. The campaign is named 'Breathe for the future,' and aimed to break the world record by planting the highest number of saplings in an hour.
Turkey has managed to increase its forested area from 20.8 million (80,3 thousand sq. mi) hectares to 22.6 million (87,3 thousand sq. mi) by planting more than 4.5 billion saplings in the past 17 years.