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Bavaria's Minister-President Horst Seehofer convened his cabinet for an extraordinary meeting in Munich, Friday, to decide on emergency measures to deal with the influx of migrants in Bavaria. Speaking at a subsequent press conference, Seehofer demanded that immigration should be limited to ensure interior safety. "It's not that much about terror, it's about delinquency in the broadest sense. We need to be very wary here, and this is what justifies our demands towards Berlin in particular," the official argued. Seehofer went on to announce that Bavaria will introduce an "integration law," involving overall goals of the Bavarian asylum policy, basic coexistance rules, as well as a commitment to adhere to the federal state's legislation. He called on the German government to focus and to strengthen their integration policy for the sake of the lower and middle classes, who end up being the victims of a failed integration efforts. In a separate interview, the minister-president even went further and threatened to take the federal government to the Constitutional Court if it continues refusing to limit the influx of migrants and refugees.


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