Russia: Ancient baby alarm among artefacts unearthed in Crimea

Archaeologists found what is believed to be an ancient baby alarm alongside other artifacts and human remains, while excavating the necropolis of the ancient town of Kyz-Aul in Crimea on Saturday.
Found lying next to its presumed owner in a child's grave, junior research associate Pavel Stolyarenko showed the bracelet with a small bell which he thinks "rang and alarmed the parents where their child was."
The necropolis was discovered in 1930 when "the first graves started to fall from this cliff" explained senior researcher Pavel Stolyarenko, though the archaeologists are not certain whether it was the "site of an ancient town, a manor or a large settlement." The inhabitants are believed to be "Greeks or Greeks' descendants" who arrived on the "cusp of the seventh - sixth centuries BC and colonised the whole Black Sea northern coastal area."
The excavations of the Kyz-Aul necropolis will last until September 1, covering a total area of more than 650 square metres.