USA: Trump attacks Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders at Richmond rally

About 4,000 Donald Trump supporters gathered in Richmond, Wednesday, to listen to Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speak at his rally. Trump attacked to Democratic candidates Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Discussing the recent Democratic Party debate Trump called Bernie Sanders a "maniac" and "socialist-slash-communist" and described him as a major source of threat for Hillary Clinton who "is gonna give everything away" due to the fact that "she is not doing so well." During his speech, the business mogul commented on the results of the latest polls, which place him in the lead in Nevada, Connecticut and other states, by saying that "this is wild, so we are in first place everywhere." He also asserted that if he does not win the election it would be a "massive failure." A group of activists, who tried to disrupt Trump's speech waving signs and banners, were escorted by the police officers out of the building.