Majestic - Back In The Day [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Atomic Beats
Lyrics: Majestic
Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Photographer: Sonya Margaritova
Photoshop Designer: Boyana Jeleva


[Verse 1]

Looking back in time reminiscing on the good time,
Trying to figure out how fast it all flies,
Used to be kids running on the streets,
Never gave a fuck about video games!
One day we cried, one day we laughed,
The next day we hugged it all out,
We went all out, had no mobiles,
Your parents had to always find you at my house,
My crib was the place we all hid,
Every time we ran into some deep shit like that kid,
With his pops and guns and bikes chase,
All ‘cause we threw rocks at his mom’s face!


Remember back in the day? (5X)

[Verse 2]

I remember when I was in grade five,
Used to be the cool guy everywhere I walked by,
People always said “hi” out of respect or fear,
‘Cause I used to beat up kids older than me by a couple years!
Dating chicks with tits was the biggest accomplishment,
Considering us kids had to go for higher grade bitches,
We used to run the streets all around the school,
We bought twice more food than the average dude,
Yeah…lunch money bitch!
We were fucking rich, never realising it,
No relationships ‘cause everyone was friends,
When the chips were down we clenched our fucking fists,
We fucking beat the living shit out of all the kids, who,
Thought they were smart motherfucking asses and,
I’m violent as is so the classic case is,
‘Cause of one dipshit we whooped classes!


[Verse 3]

Crazy how time flies nowadays, seems like yesterday,
As a kid used to think that a week lasted like a year,
Oh my dear, how did we get here?
Felt like a blink I swear!
I remember as a kid I used to declare,
That by the age of twenty-five I’ll be a millionaire,
Am I near? Nope, but I am getting there,
All I need is just another motherfucking year!
By the way where the fuck are y’all?
Some of y’all I miss but if I am honest,
The majority of all of y’all I don’t even,
Remember at all and that’s just being real,
Most of you never change and I bet never will,
Still the same mind set – amounting to nil,
I would kill myself if I never excelled,
All the way to success’ stairwell!