UK: This 'vivid pink' diamond could fetch $38 mln at auction

Sotheby's auction house displayed a 15.38 carat, pear-shaped, "fancy vivid pink" diamond in London, Thursday, which will be auctioned for up to $38 million (€33.47 million).
"Coloured diamond, particularly the vivid, what is called the fancy vivid colours, like fancy vivid pink as in this stone, ... have appeared only once in a blue moon," said David Bennett, Worldwide Chairman of Sotheby's International Jewellery Division. The stone will be on display at Sotheby's in Geneva on May 17, and is expected to fetch between $28 million and $38 million (between €24.66 million and €33.47 million).
The auction is the latest in a series of sales of coloured diamonds. A rare blue diamond was sold for $32 million (€27.9 million) at an auction at Sotheby's Hong Kong, Tuesday, making it the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction in Asia.