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Hungary: Shipwreck on the Danube leaves 7 dead, 19 missing

38 372 30.05.2019 Инфо

W/S Police cars rushing to accident site, Budapest
W/S Police cars and ambulances driving to accident site
W/S Ambulances
W/S Ambulance
W/S Police car
W/S Police car
W/S Emergency officer near parked ambulances
W/S Emergency officers near parked ambulances
W/S Ambulances
W/S Rescue car
W/S Danube River
W/S Danube River
At least seven people died after a sightseeing boat with 34 people on board sank in the Danube River in Budapest on Wednesday, with another 19 people still missing.
According to reports, seven people were rescued and sent to the local hospital, while divers and rescuers look for possible survivors among the missing passengers and crew members.
Footage shows ambulances and police cars near the bridge where the accident took place.
Local media reports the boat collided with another large tourist boat and overturned near the Hungarian Parliament building in the city centre.
Rescuers reportedly found survivors more than a mile downstream, near Petofi Bridge.