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Peru: Authorities blast cemetery with fumigators in fight against Zika virus

5 02.02.2016 Инфо

Health officials fumigated a cemetery and residential homes on the outskirts of Lima, Monday, after a man living in the district was diagnosed with Peru's first case of the Zika virus. Authorities cordoned off the area and conducted several operations in a bid to control the spread of the mosquito-borne virus.
Earlier in the day, the UN's World Health Organization declared the mosquito-borne Zika virus a public health emergency, during an emergency meeting in Geneva.
According to WHO, the emergency has been declared due to the speed at which the mosquito-borne virus is spreading and its suspected link to a rise in babies born with microcephaly, a condition which gives them abnormally small heads, in Latin America and French Polynesia.
At present, there is no vaccine or medication to treat Zika. The only way to prevent catching it is by avoiding the Aedes mosquitoes that transmit the infection. The virus has spread across more than 20 countries, mostly in the Americas. Brazil has reported as many as 4,000 cases since October.