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German Chancellor Angela Merkel backed a multibillion euro refugee package for Turkey while speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Thursday, stating that a total of three billion euros ($3.41 billion) is under discussion. It is believed the aid is expected to help Turkey keep Syrian refugees within its borders and discourage them from making the long and potentially dangerous journey into the European Union (EU). Turkey deserves this money because it "has to shoulder responsibility for more than two million refugees," according to Merkel. It is only right for the EU to consider how they can participate in this burden that needs to be shared, added the German chancellor. She went further, saying that Turkey's receipt of three billion euros will help out in the sense that the country has already "has already spent more than seven billion on the refugees and has received less than one billion." With regards to the future, Merkel said that all burdens should be shared, unlike in the last three-four years when nations were "left alone." EU leaders attended a European Council migration summit on Thursday. During the meeting EU leaders discussed the Dublin agreement, the role of migration 'hotspots' and the strengthening of the European Union's external borders, among other issues.


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