Majestic - Ibiza [audio]



Producer: Rameca Records
Music, Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Lyrics: Majestic
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



Majestic? In Spain? Shit….
Yea…aha! (4X)


See I bring that fire,
When I’m in Espagnia!
Never need a visa,
European beast, ugh!
With a senorita,
Started with tequila,
Drank that shit up,
Ended up in Ibiza!

[Verse 1]

Que pasa mamasita? Bring me a sangria!
See I left my chica all the way in Bulgaria!
Came over here porque tired of the beer,
Sorry, my Espagnol is not so very clear!
I would need your help so whisper in my ear,
Tell me how to say ‘I want to bring you to my crib!’
“Quiero que vengas a mi casa hermosa!”
Let it be our thing – La La Cosa Nostra!
Don’t be scared baby I will show you who I be,
I’m a Bulgarian bull wearing Bulgari!
It’s an understatement to refer to me as crazy,
I am out of this galaxy, I’m an E.T.!
Now forget your amigo, mine is what you’re!
I know you’re not a whore but take me on a tour!
Just to be sure, run away to Badajoz!
Let me find a Brabus and then we can vamos!


[Verse 2]

As we see the horizon we sail to the island,
Blue waves, blue eyes – look like diamonds!
We look for asylum – we follow the silence,
Gorgeous girls but mine is the finest!
Dudes be like “damn ese she is hot!”,
I be like ‘gracias, been there, done that!’,
“Por favor, but she’s dating a drug lord!”,
If you catch me alive then what is the award?
Come on bitch, let’s go on to the beach,
Just bikinis and sex on the beach!
Literally, I’m not talking about the drinks,
First it’s me and you, then call your girlfriends!
You cannot see my eyes so look me in the lens,
‘Cause your sexy accent doesn’t make sense!
For once these condoms was money well spent,
See what comes next is and orgy in a tent!

[Chorus 2X]


Yea…aha! (4X)