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Russia: Putin appoints Mutko as new deputy PM; Kolobkov to be Sports Minister

3 19.10.2016 Инфо

Russian President appointed Vitali Mutko as a new Deputy Prime Minister who will be in charge of "sports, physical culture, tourism and youth policy," during a meeting in his Novo-Ogaryovo residence in Moscow region, Wednesday. Pavel Kolobkov, Mutko's former deputy and fencing Olympic champion, will replace Mutko and become a new Sports Minister. The appointment came following Putin's meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev and Kolobkov.
Prime Minister Medvedev said the move was done to give sports a "better representation in the government." The Russian prime minister hoped that the appointment of Mutko would "help manage human resources for sports activities." The Russian president approved both proposals.
Mutko has served as Sports Minister since May 2008 and will now become one of Russia's nine deputies.