Russia: Flamingo found half-frozen to death in Siberia rescued by local zoo

A flamingo that was discovered wandering around the Siberian wilderness in sub-zero temperatures was rescued by Royev Ruchey Zoo in Krasnoyarsk, Friday.
The bird was found by local school pupils earlier in the week on the banks of a river near the village of Motygino, some 260 kilometres (161 miles) north of Krasnoyarsk.
Since the temperature in the region at the moment is about minus 15 – 20 degrees celsius the children did not hesitate to try take care of the flamingo.
First they named him Vasya and then with the help of the administration of the region were able to save the flamingo from what may have been an icy death.
The footage released on Friday by the zoo shows Vasya arriving in a box before being released, fed by zoo staff and taken to quarantine.
After quarantine, Vasya will join the ten other flamingos that already live in the Krasnoyarsk zoo.
There is no word on how the flamingo, native to Africa, India and South America came to be residing in Siberia.