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Russia: Ivanka Trump’s tweet triples downloads of Russian aviophobia app

Founder of the aviophobia treatment centre 'Fly without Fear' and developer of the phone app 'SkyGuru' responded to comments made by Ivanka Trump at the company's airplane simulator centre in Moscow on Tuesday.
Aleksei Gervash said that he was "pleased" US President Donald Trump's daughter had recommended "her followers to use our application", adding that it was a "great milestone" for the company. Ivanka Trump reportedly recommended the application to her followers on twitter which resulted in a download increase of 220 percent.
The SkyGuru app provides accurate real-time information on a flight using a phone, which tracks movement using multiple sensors. This allows a passenger using the app to discern the height, speed and turbulence of the plane. According to Gervash, with the app "iPhone knows when the nose is lifting, when the nose is lowering, when there is a turn." This allows SkyGuru to send notifications about aircraft manoeuvers to the phone.