USA: $150m+ Modigliani could become most expensive artwork ever

An Amedeo Modigliani painting will be offered at auction with a record estimate of US $150 million (€125m), the highest pre-sale figure for a work of art, footage filmed in New York City on Friday reveals.
The painting by the Italian artist, called 'Nu couche (sur le cote gauche)' or 'Reclining nude', will be sold at Sotheby's auction house on May 14.
"We've estimated the Modigliani will sell in an excess of $150 million, that's the highest estimate that has ever been placed on a work of art," explained Sotheby's Vice President Simon Shaw.
"Although the Modigliani was painted a century ago, it's a work that retains a tremendous modernity and absolutely has lessons for the world of today," Shaw added.
Eleven works by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, spanning seven decades and starring his dreamy 'Les Repos' from 1932, will also be auctioned at an estimated US $35m (€29.3m).