Bahrain Breaks Up Shi'ite Terrorist Group

Bahrain said on Sunday it had broken up a banned anti-government Shi'ite Muslim group behind a series of attacks and arrested several of its members.
The news agency of the Persian Gulf state said an investigation had revealed that Saraya al-Ashtar had been formed in 2012 by two men who wanted to destabilize the Western-allied kingdom through attacks on security forces. It said the men were now in Iran.
Sunni-ruled Bahrain accuses Shi'ite Muslim Iran of creating unrest among Bahrain's mostly Shi'ite opposition. Iran denies the accusation, but does champion the Shi'ite majority's cause.
Last year, Bahrain declared Saraya al-Ashtar and two other anti-government groups terrorist organizations, the day after a bomb killed two local policemen and an officer from the United Arab Emirates.