Second New York Prison Worker Charged Over Prisoners' Escape

A second New York prison employee was arrested on Wednesday for the escape of two convicted murderers. According to CNN, police said Clinton correctional facility officer Gene Palmer allegedly took frozen hamburger meat embedded with smuggled tools to the inmates, Richard Matt and David Sweat. The pair have eluded a massive police manhunt for almost three weeks. Clinton county district attorney Andrew Wylie said Palmer escorted the men into the catwalk area behind their cells to fix electrical breakers so the inmates could use hot plates to cook food. Authorities have said Matt and Sweat then used the catwalks during their escape on June 6th. They used tools allegedly brought into the prison by Joyce Mitchell, a training supervisor in the prison tailor shop. Mitchell has been charged with aiding their escape. New York State Police said Palmer has been charged with promoting prison contraband, destroying evidence and official misconduct.