New Report Tosses Fracking Into Controversial Light for the UK

A report on fracking used by Andy Burnham to justify calls for a ban was produced by a veteran green campaigner opposed to the practice.
Burnham, the front-runner for the Labour leadership, was accused of relying on “recycled scare stories” to justify his anti-fracking stance after citing a new paper from charity CHEM Trust.
CHEM Trust’s paper, which calls for a moratorium until new regulations are introduced, was written by its executive director, Michael Warhurst.
He worked at an environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth for a decade until last summer.
Friends of the Earth is one of the leading opponents of fracking, along with Greenpeace, and helps fund CHEM Trust.
Warhurst said his background at Friends of the Earth did not influence the report and he had “never been involved in an anti-fracking group”.
He added that their conclusions area similar to those found by the European Commission.