Venezuela: 'I reiterate my gratitude to President Trump' - Guaido

The president of the National Assembly in Venezuela, Juan Guaido, took part in an event in Caracas, Monday, to honour opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who has been imprisoned for five years on charge of conspiracy against the Venezuelan government.
At the headquarters of both men’s party, the Voluntad Popular party, Guaido held a press conference with international media, in which he assured that humanitarian aid would enter Venezuela on February 23, regardless of efforts by the Venezuelan government to prevent it.
“Each day we get closer to freedom and democracy in Venezuela, because on February 23, the humanitarian aid will enter Venezuela no matter what,” Guaido said.
"I reiterate my gratitude to President Trump, as I do to all the other countries, for backing and cooperating with a constitutional Venezuelan movement," he added.
He also said that by denying entry into Venezuela to MEPs who travelled to meet Guaido, Maduro demonstrated that his government is a dictatorship.