Ethiopians Struggle With Beheadings of Compatriots in Libya

Hundreds of grieving relatives gathered outside the homes of two Ethiopians who were among dozens shown being shot and beheaded in a video purportedly made by Islamic State militants in Libya, struggling to make sense of their loved ones' fate.
Only two of the 30 Ethiopian Christian prisoners displayed being killed in two groups by masked jihadists in a video released over the weekend have been identified by name.
The pair were close friends who grew up as neighbors in the impoverished Cherkos district of the capital Addis Ababa.
Dozens of others - young men who were both neighbors and friends of the two men - briefly took to the streets and demonstrated in Addis Ababa's main square before being dispersed by police.
Across town, Ethiopia's House of Representatives opened an emergency session with a minute's silence, before voting to observe three days of national mourning and fly the Ethiopian flag at half mast from Wednesday.