Russia: Putin awards Order of Parental Glory to large families on Intl. Children's Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded parents with large families with the Order of Parental Glory at a ceremony marking International Children’s Day in the Kremlin in Moscow, Wednesday.
The Russian leader handed out flowers as well as the order to fathers and mothers who have had many children, some of whom accompanied them. When he was about to speak, his address was briefly interrupted by one upset child, with the president kindly admonishing her; “hey, you should not cry”.
Putin described the Order as a “high state award" which "is given to those who devoted their lives to children”. Despite the interruption, Putin maintained that “it is very good that such events, like awarding the Order of Parental Glory, are attended by the whole families”.
Among the recipients of the award were families from the Khabarovsk, Altai, Krasnodar Territories, and Kaliningrad, Sverdlovsk, Tver, Samara Regions as well as Crimea and Ingushetia. The Order of Parental Glory was established by presidential decree in 2008. It is awarded to parents and adoptive parents who bring up seven children or more.