Hong Kong Umbrella Protest Gives Relevance to Tiananmen Vigil

Tens of thousands of people are due to attend an annual candlelight vigil in Hong Kong on Thursday to mark Beijing's Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989 as tension lingers in the financial hub from its pro-democracy protests last year. More than six months since Hong Kong police demolished the last encampments of protesters agitating for full democracy in the city, the organizers of this year's June 4 vigil are aiming to link the events, which is likely to antagonize China. While referring to last year's Occupy Central protests, city legislator and vigil organizer Lee Cheuk-yan said, "Occupy was in a way a mini-June 4 for Hong Kong. We should not separate our fight for democracy from that of China's. We should link up the two and fight in unity."