Netanyahu Era 'coming to an End,' Says Former Ally Lapid

A leading election candidate said on Monday the era of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ending, with Israeli voters clearly more concerned about economic and social issues than about security or fears over Iran.
The centre-left opposition is poised for a surprise victory over Netanyahu's right-wing Likud in one of Israel's most nail-biting elections in years, according to the last polls. Nearly six million Israelis are eligible to vote in Tuesday's election.
Yair Lapid, a telegenic former news anchor and TV host, leads the centrist, secular Yesh Atid party ("There's a Future"), which emerged out of the cost-of-living protests that swept Israel in 2011.
The party came a surprise second in the last election in 2013 and is again set for an influential showing.
Lapid, 51, told Reuters in between campaign events, "The majority of Israelis want change."
He said in an interview, "The Netanyahu era is coming to an end. That's not because security issues don't matter but because social and economic issues are dominating the agenda."