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Solar-powered cars finish monster 3,000km marathon across Australia

7 19.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Canada's Blue Sky Solar Racing vehicle Viridian crossing the finish line, Adelaide
M/S Spectator filming with smartphone
W/S Australia's Lumen II MK II crossing finish line
M/S Australian team celebrating
W/S Australian team at finish line
M/S Jury
W/S Netherlands' Solar Team Eindhoven's Stella Era drives onto podium
M/S Solar Team Eindhoven members inside Stella Era
M/S GPS screen inside Stella Era
M/S Jury
W/S Australia's Sunswift Violet solar car drives onto podium
M/S Jury
M/S Sunswift's Violet solar car on podium
M/S Sunswift team speaking on stage
C/U Jury member
M/S People surrounding Violet solar car
M/S Violet solar car back trunk
W/S Audience
W/S Hong Kong's IVE Engineering Solar Car Team's Sophie 6S driving onto podium
M/S Jury
W/S Sophie 6S on podium
C/U Photographer
SOT, Coco Wong, Staff Technical Program Manager at Tesla: "Well, there are like boundless opportunities from the World Solar Challenge. I think one of the best things about being in this competition is you get to work in so many different technical and also business disciplines. Basically, you're helping to find the money to build the car, you're working on potentially mechanical design, electrical design aspect. And even if you don't specialise in those areas, because it's such sort of fast-paced competition, everyone has to be able to support everyone else."
W/S Solarcar-Team Hochschule Bochum's Thyssenkrupp Sunriser driving onto stage
C/U Thyssenkrupp Sunriser's front
W/S Audience and Thyssenkrupp Sunriser on podium
The final cars taking part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge arrived in Adelaide on Saturday after completing an arduous 3,000km (1,900m) trek from Darwin on Australia's northern coast.
Teams from around the world entered the week-long competition in an attempt to traverse the length of Australia using the power of the sun - with the Cruiser Class being judged on their efficiency and design rather than speed.
Each vehicle begins in Darwin with a nominal 5kW hours of stored energy and must make it down to Adelaide, stopping each day at 5pm and setting up camp in the wilderness.
Some of the final teams, including Canada's Blue Sky Solar in their vehicle Viridian, can be seen crossing the finishing line before going on to the judges' tent where they were marked on innovation, environmental impact, accessibility, comfort, drivability, versatility, style and desirability.
The 2019 edition marks the 15th journey from Darwin down to Adelaide.
Mandatory credit: Bridgestone World Solar Challenge