Hubris On the Campaign Trail: Donald Trump's Greek Tragedy

During his rally celebrating another shot at the White House, Donald Trump elected to champion a political trait that has bolstered and bankrupt many statesmen that have come before him.
Ever arrogant in the face of decency, Trump's hubris and candor has already placed this faux-politician into the Emperor's New Clothes.
Right out of the gates for a 2016 Presidential bid, the real-estate mogul turned reality TV entrepreneur has cast himself as the clown on the Republican ticket with this latest lambasting comments.
In his announcement speech, Trump stated vigorously that Mexico is no friend to the US as they send their criminals and rapists laden with drugs across our border.
Since the speech the Spanish language network Univision has severed business ties with Trump.
Now NBC is following suit.
With less than two weeks before the Miss USA pageant is set to air, NBC has also severed business ties with Trump.
The broadcasting company has cancelled the pageant, set to air on July 12, and has put the Apprentice franchise on hiatus.