Belgium: Car hits woman in Molenbeek as banned anti-Islam demo takes place

A woman who was hit by a car in the Molenbeek neighbourhood of Brussels on Saturday received treatment after emergency personnel arrived at the scene. A white Audi A1 drove towards police officers and journalists and left the woman hurt but conscious, according to medical officials.
When the police attempted to stop the car banging sounds were heard. Two ambulance vehicles immediately arrived at the scene and took the woman to the hospital. People who were in the car have been arrested, according to local reports.
The incident comes in the area that a banned anti-Islam organised by 'Generation Identitaire' took place. Police issued a ban on the demonstration but around 20 right-wingers turned out regardless.
Earlier in the Belgian capital, police detained dozens of people as they were chanting slogans and held banners against racist messages like those they say are spread by 'Generation Identitaire' movement. Police officers on foot and on horseback arrested demonstrators and pushed some others back of the site, while undercover police officers walked through the crowd, identifying those who should be detained.