Belgium: UK 'needs some time' before triggering Article 50, says Cameron

Speaking to the press from the European Council in Brussels, on Tuesday evening, UK Prime Minister David Cameron indicated that Article 50 would not be triggered immediately but, rather, that the UK "Needs to take some time to get it right."
Cameron said, "I'd say the overwhelming view, particularly as I explained what I believed the thinking was, the overwhelming view was that we need to get it right, we shouldn't take too much time but we need to take some time to get it right and triggering Article 50 will work better if both sides know what they're trying to achieve in the negotiation that's about to begin."
The UK need to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in order to commence the official procedures to withdraw from the European Union. However, Cameron says that this will be done by the next UK Prime Minister following his formal resignation from the post in the Autumn.