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Yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley showed off her flexibility and fitness as she held a lesson aimed at improving the body confidence of plus-size yogis in Hillsborough, Monday. Stanley has made it her goal to make people more body positive, whatever their body shape, urging people to think about how they feel rather than how they look. Jessamyn uses high energy vinyasa flow as a way to help her yogis move past mental and emotional barriers, she writes on her blog. "Don't think about what your body looks like", she said on Monday, adding that the only reason we care about body size is because of what society and the media tell us. Stanley started doing Bikram Yoga when she was 16, after her aunt "dragged" her to a yoga class. After a several-year hiatus she began attending classes again in 2011, after purchasing a month-long unlimited Groupon pass. She then established her own home practice and started posting yoga pictures on Instagram, where she has more than 85,000 followers.


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