What Cost Did Orioles Pay for Game Played at Vacant Stadium?

As Baltimore settles down after last week's riots, fueled by the death of Freddie Gray, the city has some rebuilding to do.
That starts with tallying up the financial and social cost of the standstill in everything from small businesses to baseball.
For the Baltimore Orioles that hosted the Chicago White Sox in a vacant Oriole Park last Wednesday, both costs apply dearly.
A back-of-the-envelope calculation reveals that the riots which forced a shutdown of Camden Yards for six games could cost the club some $6 million in gate receipts.
Add in more than a million in additional revenues from parking fees and concessions, and a price tag of close to $7.5 million for the team and its licensees could be reasonable.
Orioles Manager Buck Showalter told MASN — a network co-owned by the Orioles - that when he spent a few hours with owner Peter Angelos on the morning of one of the cancelled games, the subject of money never came up.