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USA: Amazon workers join climate strike

2 21.09.2019 Инфо

M/S 'Amazon Spheres' at Amazon headquarters, Seattle
W/S People passing by Amzaon HQ
M/S Banners calling for target of zero carbon emissions by 2030
M/S Activists picking banners
W/S Amazon activist greeting colleagues
SOT, activist : "Young people around the world saw a crisis and called on adults to stand with them and demand action now. I am here, because Amazon employees heard them and said 'yes, we will stand with you' and we're bringing big tech into the fight."
M/S Environmental activists' stand
SOT, activist: "Because of our efforts, we have achieved an important milestone in the history of the tech industry: Amazon's newly announced climate pledge. This announcement proves that collective action works."
M/S Demonstrators having lunch break
W/S Demonstrators starting march
M/S Demonstrators singing and marching
M/S Police officer observing rally
M/S People joining rally
M/S Protesters marching with banners in hands
W/S More people joining protest
M/S Banner reading: 'We should do this more often'
W/S Demonstration
Amazon workers staged a walkout at the tech giant's headquarters in Seattle on Friday to show solidarity with climate strikes taking place across the world.
The protest, which was organised by an internal group called Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, saw an estimated 3,000 workers attend a rally outside the company's Spheres complex.
Demonstrators brought signs and listened to speeches from environmental activists.
The tech giant recently pledged to go carbon neutral by 2040.
The strike in Seattle was one of many taking place in US cities and across the world.
The global action follows a series of school strikes initially inspired by Swedish teenager and climate activist Greta Thunberg.