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World #1 Chestnut chows down 300 gyoza to become King of the Dumpling

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W/S Host introducing contender at World Gyoza Eating Championship, Los Angeles
M/S Attendees applauding
C/U Hands preparing dishes of gyoza
W/S Participants starting to eat
M/S World's first competitive eater Joey Chestnut eating gyoza
M/S Contender Michelle Lesco eating
W/S Contenders eating
M/S Attendees cheering
C/U Contender Eric Booker eating
M/S Contenders eating
M/S Contender Matt Stoner eating
C/U Hand grabbing gyoza
W/S Contenders stopping to eat
M/S Hand counting paper dishes
C/U Hand writing down results
W/S Host announcing Joey Chestnut as winner
W/S Attendees applauding and cheering
SOT, Joey Chestnut, competitive eater: "I feel really good. I think I ate 314 gyoza this year, no where near the record but I was like a good fifty or sixty above the second place and I like them. I wasn't eating as fast as I do some years but I found a decent rhythm and I didn't slow down too much. I feel great now, I feel kind of guilty I should have eaten more."
C/U Hands holding trophy reading "Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship 1st Place"
M/S Sign reading "Japanese American Cultural and Community Center" and LA City Hall reflected in glass
The world's number one competitive eater Joey Chestnut took home first place at the World Gyoza Eating Championship after managing to put away 314 dumplings in just ten minutes in Los Angeles on Saturday.
The Californian said he felt "kind of guilty" because he "should have eaten more" after he failed to beat the world record he set back in 2014 of 384 gyoza.
'Jaws' Chestnut also won last year's contest with 359 gyoza and the 2019 Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest with 71 wieners.
In the 13th edition of the dumpling challenge, the 35-year-old took $2,000 (€1,800) home after beating 18 other contenders.