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Syria: People starting to return to al-Qaryatain after liberation - Konashenkov

11 09.04.2016 Инфо

Russian Defence Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov stated that the operation of liberating al-Qaryatain was 'unique' while speaking to press representatives in the city of al-Qaryatain, Friday.
"All the strongholds of the militants at strategical heights were destroyed in almost two days. Control points, seven tanks and more than dozens of vehicles were also destroyed." concluded Konashenkov.
The Defence Ministry spokesperson added that in spite of the fact that the water, electricity, power station and sewage treatment plant were destroyed, "people are starting to come back to their houses little by little."
Al-Qaryatain was liberated on April 3, after a joint offensive by the Syrian Army with assistance from Russian Air Forces.