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Turkey: Heavy rains trigger floods in Istanbul and northwest

13 223 17.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Flooded stores in underpass, Istanbul
W/S People at the entrance of flooded underpass
W/S Flooded stores in underpass
M/S Traders putting goods in plastic bags
W/S Flooded underpass stores
W/S People near the entrance of flooded underpass
W/S People near cordoned off entrance of underpass
W/S People near entrance of underpass
M/S People near entrance of underpass
W/S Entry of underpass
M/S Bystanders and filled plastic bags
M/S Fire engine near tunnel
W/S Cars driving by mosque
Heavy rains triggered floods and disrupted traffic in Istanbul and other cities in northwestern Turkey on Saturday. Footage shows traders trying to salvage items from shops flooded in an underpass in the Buyuksehir district.
A 70-year-old man was reportedly found dead in a separate underpass in the Fatih district, where waters reached 190 centimetres (6.2 feet). It's not clear whether his death is linked to the floods.