Germany: Thousands denounce mass deportation of Afghan refugees in Hamburg

More than 2,000 people took to the streets of Hamburg, Saturday, to protest against the recent Kabul-Berlin deal on the mass deportation of Afghan refugees.
The protesters rallied at Hamburg's central train station and then proceeded marching towards the City Hall. The demonstrators chanted "Stop deportations" and held banners reading "Mr de Maiziere's mistake - Afghanistan is not safe" and "Bombs in Afghanistan are a bad prospect to stay."
Earlier this month, Kabul signed a joint declaration with Berlin, which enables Germany to deport rejected asylum-seekers back to Afghanistan.
German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere argued that the agreement would facilitate the acceptance of Afghan asylum-seekers in Germany.
Germany has so far welcomed more than 900,000 Afghan refugees. However, anti-refugee sentiments and increasing demands to curb the number of refugees have forced the German government to seek ways to decrease the number of Afghan refugees in Germany.
Earlier this week, German Chancellor and Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) leader Angela Merkel noted that her stance on the refugee crisis has indeed caused polarisation and contributed to the party's defeat in recent local elections.