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Serbian officials, including the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin and the Commissioner for Refugees of Republic of Serbia Vladimir Cucic, visited the border camp of Berkasovo, Wednesday. The officials inspected the conditions, a few hours before an estimated 6,000 refugees reached the hotspot on their way to northern Europe. Speaking to the journalists, Aleksandar Vulin said that "around 6,000 people will enter" Serbian territory and during the night or morning local authorities "expect them to arrive here in various groups." The minister added that the government's intention is not to build fence, but he spoke on "the right to defend the territory" and "to decide on peoples' movement on this territory," explaining that a registration system has been set up. New buses bringing further groups of refugees from the Macedonian-Serbian border to the Berkasovo-Bapska crossing are continually arriving. Bad weather conditions have caused disruption and delays as Croatian police struggled to deal with the numbers attempting to enter through the border village. On Tuesday, Croatian authorities allowed 2,000 refugees to enter the country from Serbia, but later closed the frontier, allowing only the ill and disabled to pass through. A dispute over the handling of refugees has emerged between both Serbia and Croatia. Tensions arose after Croatia began turning away vehicles and migrants at its borders, saying it could not cope with the numbers.


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