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At sea: Russian bombers escorted by foreign jets above Baltic Sea

4 17.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Tu-160 on runway, undisclosed location
W/S Tu-160 takes off
M/S Pilot
M/S Pilot
W/S Tu-160 jets
M/S Fighter jet
W/S Tu-160
M/S Jet
W/S Foreign jets escort Russian bomber
M/S Jets
W/S Tu-160 lands
Two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers were followed by fighter jets of five European countries while performing a routine flight over neutral waters in the Baltic Sea, as footage released on Tuesday shows.
"At certain sections of the route, the Russian long-range aircrafts were escorted by F-16 fighter jets of the Belgian, Danish and Polish air forces, Finnish F-18 fighter jets, and Swedish JAS-39 Grispen warplanes," Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement.
After performing a seven-hour flight the Russian jets returned to their airbase in undisclosed location.