'Where Are the Bodies?': Kin in Agony Over Debris Find

Chinese relatives of those on board missing Flight MH370 said Thursday they were torn over the discovery of possible debris from the missing plane, adding it would mean nothing until their loved ones were found. "Without finding the bodies, we won't believe anything, a part of the plane wing doesn't prove anything," Li Ping posted in a group on WeChat, China's popular messaging service. "Proof, proof! Plane debris doesn't say anything, where are the bodies?" wrote another relative who identified themselves only as Xiu.
Of the 239 people on board the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared on March 8 last year, 153 were Chinese citizens.
Many relatives have lost faith in authorities over the handling of the investigation — a situation underscored by distrust of Chinese state media — and anger at officials has often boiled over in public.