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Hong Kong: Protesters take on government district as mass march concludes

1 18.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters in government headquarters in Admiralty district, Hong Kong
M/S Protesters heading down stairs as chants are heard
W/S Protesters shining laser on governmental buildings
M/S Protesters holding umbrellas
W/S Banners hanging from bridge reading in Chinese, (Right): "Appeals indispensable", (Left): "Independent inquiry"
M/S Sprayed slogan on water barriers set up by police reading: "SS Nazi = Hong Kong police"
W/S Protesters gathering
W/S Water barriers set up by police
M/S Protester chasing after mainland-Chinese man being suspected of documenting protesters
M/S Protesters filming suspect and chanting
Scores of protesters reached Hong Kong's Admiralty district on Sunday evening after millions defied a governmental ban to flood the streets earlier that day.
Protesters occupied the roads leading to the governmental headquarters, chanted slogans and shined lasers on nearby buildings mostly barricaded by water-filled barriers.
Footage also shows protesters chasing a man suspected of documenting protesters by taking their close-up headshots. He is later seen surrounded by angry chanting protesters filming him.
According to the march organisers, close to 1.7 million had shown up at the rally’s assembly point in Victoria Park with many spilling over into adjacent roads and streets.
Protests have been taking place in Hong Kong since the end of March. Demonstrators are calling for the total withdrawal of a suspended bill that would allow the extradition of the city's residents to mainland China for trials.