UK: ‘Faragist’ UKIP leadership candidate calls for niqab ban referendum

Evoking both Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, UKIP leadership candidate Raheem Kassam launched his bid to head the party from a Westminster Arms pub, London, on Friday.
Kassam used the launch to call for another referendum, this time on whether or not to ban the niqab. "I feel like people are offended by the niqab, I'm offended by the niqab, not least because I feel that it is an oppressive piece of clothing that oppresses women," stated Kassam.
UKIP's former leader, Farage, and many of the party's financial backers have stated their preference for Kassam to head the party. In response to his support, Kassam stated "I regard myself as the 'Faragist' candidate, of the Faragists I am the Faragest." Continuing the candidate paid homage to interim leader, declaring that "our legacy is Nigel, Nigel is our legacy and we shouldn't be trying to drag this party to the squishy centre ground."
Kassam posed for a picture as he pulled a pint, much like his former boss Farage use to, and held up a banner reading "Make UKIP great again," in evocation of Trump's slogan: "Make America great again."
Kassam, a lapsed Muslim, is the UK editor of Breitbart news before which he served as an advisor to the outgoing Farage.