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Russia: "Geopolitical engineering of western colleagues" led to conditions for terrorism in Middle East- Lavrov

2 20.10.2016 Инфо

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attributed the "rotten practices of geopolitical engineering of western colleagues" to the situation in the Middle-East. He was addressing the 'Middle East: Trends and Prospects' Conference in Moscow on Thursday when he made the comments.
Lavrov said the "interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states, attempts to change objectionable state regimes and democratisation according to their own patterns" caused problems, as did "imposing on the countries of the region values and recipes for development which were foreign to them".
The diplomat said "we warned them that the so-called controlled chaos in the region, historically burdened by military conflicts, may lead to very negative consequences" and concluded that "figuratively speaking, not a Genie but several Genies were released from the bottle, the most dangerous of which is the terrorist threat".
The foreign minister determined that "in these circumstances the primary mission is uniting efforts in the fight against terrorism and extremism and creating a global anti-terrorist front". This would mean "the adoption of measures to combat the proliferation of terrorist and extremist ideology".