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Germany: Petrolheads show off customised cars ahead of Essen Motor Show

16 22.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Kenny Neirink posing next to De Tomaso Pantera car in Essen on Tuesday
C/U Wheel of car
C/U Interior of car
C/U Exterior of car
W/S Media gather around car
M/S Car reversing
SOT, Kenny Neirink, "This is my car, a De Tomaso Pantera from 1973 its a little tribute to the group four racing, they drove, we modified it. It was a complete original car I bought in LA we modified it with Group 4 arches, the Group 4 library , the wheels were made for this car the suspension was made for the car."
C/U Spinning steering wheel
M/S Photoshoot of car
M/S Kenny Neirink entering car
M/S Car driving away
C/U Lights
W/S Photoshoot of Julien Boyer's VW Polo edrive car
C/U Logo on wheel
M/S Boyer poses with car
M/S Car design details
SOT, Julien Boyer, Polo edrive concept owner (French): "We built this car to be among the first tuners of the future, to show what tuning will look like tomorrow or the day after with new technologies, autopilot, LED headlights, inside lighting, everything is remote-controlled, so it's more a toy than a car. This project took us a decade, and we're proud tell everyone about the history of this car, in memory of our friend Laurent, because it was his car."
C/U 'edrive' logo
C/U Steering wheel
C/U Remote control
W/S Car being remotely driven
M/S Car being remotely driven
M/S Media at Essen Moto Show
W/S Cars making entrance
M/S Car presentation
M/S Car and motorbike being presented at motorshow
SOT, Andreas Kirsch, Presenter on German TV program The Car Detective: "On this fair, we run a cooperation with the Mustang owners club, and so we designed dark black FTR with the logo of the Mustang owners club, because we think that the iron horns and the pony cars match well together."
W/S Media
W/S Kirsch rides off on motorcycle
M/S Car driving off
Car tuning enthusiasts and companies gathered together ahead of the Essen Motor Show to show off some of their modified cars in the western German city on Tuesday.
Vehicles on display this time include a custom De Tomaso Pantera sports car, done up in the style of a Group 4 racing class model that existed from 1973-4, as well as a VW Polo modified to be remote controllable.
"We built this car to be among the first tuners of the future, to show what tuning will look like tomorrow or the day after," said Frenchman Julien Boyer about the VW, which features an electric engine and solar panels in the roof.
The Essen Motor Show will run from November 30 to December 8.