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Russia: Accusing athletes of doping without evidence is unfair, says Marat Safin

23 14.11.2015 Инфо

Former Russian tennis player Marat Safin put across his belief that no one should be accused of doping before evidence arises and they can be convicted in Sochi on Friday. The former sports star’s comments were made just before the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) suspended the Russian Athletic Federation from international competitions – including the Olympic Games – for alleged participation in extensive doping was announced. WADA published a report on Monday alleging widespread doping in Russian athletics and accused officials, including Russia's sports minister, of a systematic cover-up. The former WADA chief, Dick Pound, led the 11-month investigation. The conclusions, presented in a 325-page-report, allege doping violations over a period of years, directly encouraged by top officials, with complicity from testing labs and assistance from Russia's security services. Russia's Federal Biomedical Agency has refuted the claims, calling them "baseless."