Germany: Mourners commemorate fallen soldiers on anniv. of Nazi attack on Soviet Union

Dozens gathered in Bergen-Belsen, Lower Saxony, Tuesday, to pay tribute to fallen Soviet soldiers and 'Prisoners of War' (POW) on the day before the 75th anniversary of Nazi Germany's attack on the Soviet Union.
Head of the Lower Saxony Memorial Foundation Dr. Jens Christian Wagner, Andrei Rumyantsev of the Russian Consulate in Hamburg and Yryskali Daurenbek, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Bonn, were also in attendance.
Russian Consul in Hamburg Andrei Rumyantsev said that they pay tribute to "more than 50,000 Soviet soldiers and civilians, who died from hunger and disease in German [Nazi] hostage."
Bergen-Belsen was a Nazi concentration camp in what is today Lower Saxony in northern Germany. Having been established as a camp for POW, it later became a concentration camp.