Syrian Civilians Trapped as ISIS Launches New Offensive

ISIS had launched a new offensive across the northern Syrian countryside of Aleppo province, forcing opposition groups who kicked the radical Islamist group out of their villages to backpedal.
Now ISIS was rapidly advancing west, the militants swiftly hurtling up the road towards a a dusty provincial farm town. It would only be a matter of hours before Mohammed's hometown of Marea was transformed into Ground Zero in the latest round of battle against ISIS and their Caliphate ambitions.
By nightfall, ISIS had taken five northern Syrian villages across Aleppo province.
An image of severed heads, purportedly of Syrian opposition forces in the nearby town of Sawran, began circulating on both sides. Mohammed's family and neighbors were attempting to flee Marea when the regime of Bashar al-Assad began an assault from the skies, trapping the civilians between aerial shelling and the advancing forces of ISIS.