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Canada: This insect-mad Canadian just made peanut butter out of worms

3 21.01.2016 Инфо

Customers at the Summerhill Market in Toronto were treated to a new delicacy on Thursday, when the store began offering Grasshopper Pies and Peanut Butter Mealworm Protein Balls as well as other products made using insects.
General Manager of the store, Brad McMullen, said he came up with the idea after researching food trends for 2016. To his surprise the largest insect farm was only a short car journey away. Once the insects arrived McCullen admitted “we had to learn a lot ourselves about what it is and what it tastes like, because we do a lot a cooking here and we incorporated it into a lot of recipes as well.”
The new products have drawn a varied response from customers, with McCullen noted that “10 percent are revolted by the idea.” Despite this a vast majority of customers are interested in the insect deserts and another 10 percent of people are even “excited about it and can’t wait to try,” according to McCullen.