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Hong Kong: 'It is similar to SOS' - protesters appeal for US help

4 14.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters with American flags, Hong Kong
M/S Protesters with American flags
M/S Protesters chanting
M/S Protesters holding banners
SOT, protester: ''I'm a resident in Tin Sau Wai and then the reason that I'm holding this American flag [is] because this is a symbol of freedom and also, in the US congress, the congressmen are discussing a new act, that is the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act. That is a very, very strong solution to monitor the autonomy situation in Hong Kong, so that's why it is similar to an SOS, kind of asking America to help Hong Kong, to liberate Hong Kong.''
W/S Protesters marching and chanting
M/S Protesters marching and chanting
M/S Protesters marching and chanting
SOT, protester: ''We should enjoy our freedoms and our democracy. This is all right, flat and right in our law. And that's why I come here and stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom.''
M/S Protesters marching and chanting
W/S Riot police
M/S Riot police
M/S Protesters looking at riot police in distance
M/S Protesters chanting
M/S Riot police on road